Welcome to a captivating fusion of social interaction and culinary artistry, where people, food, and beverage harmonize to craft an unforgettable atmosphere.

Step into the realm of culinary excellence with The Tastemaker Series at Twin Lions Lodge—a recurring private dinner party series curated by an esteemed yet emerging chef. Indulge in a meticulously crafted 5-course dining experience paired with a mixology menu featuring small craft cocktails, wines, and spirits, all expertly chosen to enhance the flavors of the custom menu each evening. As hand-selected influencers from diverse professional and social circles converge, the magic of the event unfolds through inspirational conversations, meaningful connections, and a networking experience unlike any other. Join us for an evening of epicurean delight and unparalleled camaraderie at The Tastemaker Series.

Experience the essence of the Tastemaker Series

Curated Chef-Inspired Meal